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CAPTAIN BUCKO is a seasoned & extremely experienced fisherman who truly knows the waters of the magical Bay of Islands as well as the ocean beyond these 144 islands.
Finding the perfect fishing spots requires patience, skill and experience. CAPTAIN BUCKO has a vast amount of knowledge and an instinct for locating fish that is reinforced with the years of experience handed down to him by his ancestors.
So whether you are a fishing expert, or a first timer, CAPTAIN BUCKO fishing charters invites those of all skill levels. He is adept at knowing the signs and seeing where the fish are located. He knows the lures and bait that attract different types of fish and he'll teach you how to make them effective in getting the fish to bite.
Be prepared for more than just a fishing trip! CAPTAIN BUCKO's jovial personality makes for an enjoyable days fishing - he's a renowned local character who'll entertain you with tall tales and fishy jokes. You'll leave happy with what you have seen, heard and done on your day in the bay.

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"GONE FISHIN" Television presenter - GRAEME SINCLAIR

Choosing the right skipper & vessel is always key to a successful fishing expedition. When filming in the beautiful Bay of Islands we regularly fish with CAPTAIN BUCKO. He has 25 years of tourism and commercial fishing experience, is a great host & extremely passionate about pleasing his customers, aiming to let them experience the BEST day fishing yet!
Graeme Sinclair has "Gone Fishin" with Captain Bucko for the past 15 years.