What is included in a charter fishing trip?


We provide all of the necessary licenses, tackle and gear, (we even have the BEST electric reels), bait, ice, expert crew & assistance. We also provide fish cleaning and gutting once back at the pier.

What should I bring?


You are responsible for providing your own food, water, drinks (no glass allowed) as well as the all important SUNSCREEN.  Don’t forget a camera to capture all the amazing fun – and of course to brag to your friends later (about the monster fish that got away)! If you have any questions regarding what to bring, please call Captain Bucko at +64222782462

What should I wear?


Wear what makes you feel comfortable! We strongly recommend boat-friendly footwear – closed-toed sandals or sneakers (you can wear flip flops, but we recommend closed-toed shoes for safety reasons)! Don’t forget your hat, sunscreen and sunglasses! When in doubt – bring it! Better to be over-prepared than under-prepared. We have space on deck for extra clothes, or you can keep them in your car.  Make sure to check the weather in advance so that you’re prepared for any kind of weather!

What time should I arrive?


Our trips start and end at different times throughout the day. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled charter fishing trip time. The boat will arrive back at the docks at the scheduled arrival time.

Where do we meet?


The captain will provide directions once you have booked your trip.  If you don’t have that information, please call Captain Bucko directly on +64222782462 and we will provide directions.

Will my trip be cancelled because of the weather?


Weather calls are made the evening prior to departure. If there is no way we will be able to get on the water Captain Bucko will contact you the day prior to your trip. We cannot make weather calls a week out due to the local climate.

What if I am prone to motion sickness?


If you have experienced motion sickness before or think you may be prone to sea sickness please start taking "Sealegs" or some type of seasickness tablets (we recommend the "Paihia Bombs" available at our local Chemist and they work a treat, best stuff ever) and please take directed as by the Chemist or directions on the product. 

What happens after the trip?


We will bring you back to the dock and you can grab a drink or bite to eat at a bar/restaurant or just hang around while we gut and clean your fish! Want to eat your fish right away? Take one of your fish to King Wah or the Swordfish Club restaurant and for a small surcharge they will prepare your fish for you.